Content Marketing: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Content Marketing: The Good the Bad and the Ugly

Content marketing strategies are a hot topic these days. Some companies are good content marketers, some are bad, and some are just plain ugly.


  • Give it the same title as that of your blog post title.
  • All SEO Rules of writing an attractive title applies to video blogs as well
  • Keep your video title length short – at most 60-70 characters
  • Add at least a 100 word description for each of your videos
  • Leave a link to your blog post under the video description
  • Add no more than 10 short phrased and related tags
  • The Purpose of your video should be, to grab the attention of your visitors, eventually bringing them to your blog.
  • Always interlink your videos by adding anchor tags in youTube.
  • Always leave one question unanswered in your videos so that the viewer may be forced to search for it at your blog.

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Britt Hysen Millennial Entrepreneurs

Britt Hysen Millennial Entrepreneurs. The Voice of Gen Y, Britt Hysen, joins John Phillips on NextGeneration TV to discuss Millennial Entrepreneurs and the trends in Millennial employment. From the LA underground art scene to Hollywood Red Carpets and the Liberty Movement, Britt Hysenhas been labeled The Voice Of Gen Y by her journalist peers for covering compelling stories about Millennial interests. Putting her acting career on hold to pursue a college degree and social entrepreneurial work, Hysen produced a webseries that documented Millennials making a living doing what they love. She then produced media for The Entertainment Industries Council, Natural History Museum, and Breitbart TV.

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Write What You Know

Mark Twain famously said: “Write what you know.” In this video, author Nathan Englander explains that Twain’s advice “write what you know” isn’t about events — it’s about universal emotions like love, loss, and longing. When you write what you know, you reveal your thoughts, ambitions, ideas and personality through your writing in a way that’s unique via your first hand experience. If you add a personal touch, your content will be more engaging by providing your personal insights and knowledge on the subject matter. You should write about your experiences, but also the issues you feel passionate about. Focus on what you love (and the things you hate). If you follow Twain’s advice, your content will be appeal to your audience on a more personal level. Find innovative ways to revisit meaningful moments in your life, and then write the story that only you can write. By doing it this way, you will find your voice faster and reach more people than if you try to imitate someone else or follow a trend.


Let’s end with a quote from the late Richard Carlson, author of Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff: 

It’s as though our thoughts are the ink in the pen of life, and we are the illustrators.”