Secrets To Content Creation

Watch Watch Marie Forleo explain 8 Secrets to Better, Quicker Content Creation

Do you want to know the secrets to content creation? While social media tools like Facebook and Twitter and SEO strategies can build your audience, the best way to attract loyal visitors is to write great content. You must publish quality content week after week. All blog posts start with an idea. The title is critical in convincing people to read your post. Most readers decide within seconds of reading your title whether or not they’re going to give your post the time of day, so it’s important to invest time creating a catchy title. This keeps your writing focused and concise.

Marie began working as a life coach in 2001. In 2004 she worked as a hip-hop instructor at Crunch Fitness, worked as a choreographer and producer for MTV’s Say What Karaoke and began creating fitness videos with Crunch, Anchor Bay Entertainment, Women’s Health and Prevention Magazine. She has been interviewed by Tony Robbins for his DVD training program The New Money Masters. She was also named a “thought leader for the next generation” by Oprah when interviewed on the OWN Network’s Super Soul Sunday. In 2010, Sir Richard Branson invited Forleo to mentor young entrepreneurs in South Africa at his Centre of Entrepreneurship.

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